December 1, 2023 Jenni Steele

Beauty from Within Journal for Young Women

Beauty from Within Journal for Young Women is designed to help young teens discover their inner confidence and beauty as well as create a safe space for them to self-reflect through prompted journaling. 

This interactive journal a great gift for tweens and teenage girls who are getting to know themselves while becoming young, empowered women.

Featuring engaging writing prompts, inspirational quotes and colouring pages of flower designs and butterflies. 

What’s Inside

♥ Use this guided journal to write down things about yourself

♥ Keep track of your hopes and dreams. 

♥ Delve a little deeper to learn about who you are and who you are becoming

♥ Positive quotes and encouragement are sprinkled throughout the pages to keep you motivated along the way of your self discovery journey 

♥ A vision board to collect images to help you bring your goals and vision to light 

✓ Perfect gift for tweens and teens ages 11-16