January 28, 2017 Jenni Steele

Don’t Call Me Grandma

Don’t call me Grandma! 😂😂

I Love the feeling but I am too young for the label.

So your feeling good at 43, life is ahead of you and you have a great career in the media industry, Lifestyle consultant, Your healthy relationship program is changing lives and raising awareness empowerment is in my soul a true lioness.

The only thing missing is a love of my life..And I must confess I am looking so it’s no secret … Seriously who wants to be successful and alone.

All of my 3 children are in long term relationships. That stands for something and I am so proud of them. I am a relationship lioness, I know my worth and I am not going to settle…

Hopefully he knows his worth too. #Relationships101

Work hard at everything is my motto and I will assist and support my children every step of the way.

Don’t stop! Keep pushing.

Then your oldest son tells you your going to be a grandma! Emergency stop! What not me I am far too glamorous and youthful – you better call me GlamMa!

I mean Nan, Nanna, Granny and Grandma… Is just not for me we all have our own descriptive words as for what our grandchildren will call us and the above is just not for me.

The joke is that conversation priced me off the market. If I ever thought of having another child that reality is over. To be honest when the baby of your bunch is 20 it was not in my thoughts to have any more children. I am planning more work and trips in the sun. (Cough Cough) with my king.

That was just the beginning.. I was not ready for this I am still working and doing my thing.. Building looking for my king to take this empire to higher heights!! Let’s think about it Grandma’s are retired.. Or approaching retirement age my just like my Grandmas.

We are the new age version and we need to move with the times! It’s time to jazz this Grandma name up to match our status.

Then King Luca was born the love you have for your grand parents is like no other. So when you become one it changes your whole life and thought process.

Don’t call me grandma!

Your emotions to love , guide and protect are immediate. It’s truly life changing for the better. A joy and experience like no other. The great thing is you can hand them back to there parents.

The next generation legacy a chance to pass down all your knowledge and make a difference. A loving bond like no other.. There is so much to teach him the earlier the better.

As he gets older let the fun begin. As believe me I will be paying him not to call me grandma in public it’s GlamMa / Glammy ( laughing ) he is gong to be rich…

The joke is on me as we enter in 2017 there’s another glam baby on the way.. The greatest thing is they will be close and I can spend ample time doing great things with both of them..

They are young Men!
The next chapter of my life is going to be fun. It’s time to step up and support my sons and there families in other areas of there life.

It’s time to meet my match let’s face it and be honest at 40 plus I may look young but I am not getting any younger.

As we move into the next chapter as a family starting to add to generations. I need to start looking at my wants and needs for personal progression.

It’s time to be honest with myself and put who I am into who he is and invest. I have been focused on my family and career for a while and that will not change. My family are building and focused on there next chapter and it’s time for me to focus on mine..

Becoming a GlamMa is life changing in a very positive legacy light.. I love the title but I am way too glamorous to be called Grandma!

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