March 25, 2018 Jenni Steele

A Healthy Relationship Starts With You So Be Good To You First

In a world full of pressures coming from all angles how do you love yourself if nobody has showed you how?

In a world full of pressures coming from all angles how do you love yourself if nobody has showed you how?

Everywhere we look love yourself pops up! Where do we start? We start with us, you as you are the important person in your life.

The more self-love you have for yourself, the better prepared you are for a healthy relationship with others.

In my daily profession as a practitioner I am already guiding and supporting our young people on how to let go of trauma it’s ok to get support, it’s ok to talk, it’s ok to show our emotions, find someone you trust. Support is available on so many levels for all age groups and it’s ok to access it.

My personal principles that I have used to rebuild my confidence and my life after domestic abuse are below. When I look back on how I turned my pain into power a negative into a positive for others these 7 principles that I continue to live by stand out for me.

Self Love = looking after yourself and your well being in other words your happiness because only you can truly do that!

Today I am comfortable in my own skin, comfortable in my journey to create change, I love myself more each day as I take the rest that I need, I find time for me in my busy schedule and I celebrate my achievements.

I am happy and proud to say Hi,
I am Jenni Steele.

Has it been easy no, It takes time nothing happens overnight. Don’t compare your journey and healing time to someone else. Support is available if you need it talk to your doctor in confidence. Talk to me in confidence. We must not continue to be to hard on ourselves we are only human and everyone needs to start somewhere….

Everyone of us deals with things differently so what comes easy to one person will not come easy for someone else. Take your time and access support remember you do not have to do this alone.

From today just remember this your current situation is not your final destination.

1) Let go of past trauma and wounds. This can be a really tough one and it may be one of those times you need to turn to others or professionals for assistance and support. The truth is when we let go of things that have happened to us it’s almost like a weight is lifted off our shoulders. We don’t have to carry that around with us anymore support is available. YOU deserve better for YOUrself.

2) Stop the comparisons. There is no one on this planet like you, so you cannot fairly compare yourself or your life to someone else’s journey. The only person you should compare yourself to is you. How far have you come? How hard have you worked? What are your goals? Don’t be so hard on yourself as sometimes you have to be your own biggest cheerleader and that’s a fact!

3) End all toxic relationships. Seriously. Anyone who makes you feel anything less than amazing doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

4) Do what you love. If your passion is travelling, writing, drawing, baking or playing sports then make time for it.

5) You will love yourself more when you take care of yourself eating properly through the day, nutrition, a good nights sleep and exercise even if it’s walking instead of driving.

6) Do not walk away from a challenge. Challenges bring growth, opportunity and new experiences. Without challenges in your life you would not grow. When we take on new challenges, we get the opportunity for new successes which raise our self-esteem confidence and self-worth.

My Daily Routine ❤

7) Be Thankful for everything you have and for your loved ones. Personally I give thanks and pray over myself, the people I love and the life I have daily.

Try to input one or 2 principles into your routine and see how you get on what do you have to lose? Inner peace and Happiness to gain. Its time to live your best life, YOU deserve it.