Mother | Founder Project YANA CIC
Author | YPIDVA & ISVA
National Ambassador DVUK
Media Personality

Jenni Steele

With her British Caribbean upbringing, Jenni understands the true meaning of overcoming adversity and has used her life lessons to make a difference to the world – she is a woman who lives her life out loud.

After surviving years of domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni found her strength and escaped from her turmoil. She made a promise to herself to not only rebuild her life and recognise her own self-worth but to also support others who were living with abuse.

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Ebinehita Iyere

“Jenni has not only supported my development but also supports the young people I support around their understanding of Healthy Relationships. She also goes the extra mile and supports our offsite activities that we plan with the young people.”

Ebinehita Iyere

Divert Youth