February 6, 2018 Jenni Steele

Jenni empowers young generation

Students at Greenwich Campus were given a very special workshop and motivational talk last week when they welcomed broadcast journalist, award winning entrepreneur and ambassador for Domestic Violence UK, Jenni Steele.

Jenni spoke and gave a reading from her book ‘Letters to a Young Generation’ at our Healthy Relationships and Empower Me Workshop to a group of fifty students. After living through years of domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni discovered her true strength and found a way out of the relationship that was not only harming her physical and mental health, but holding her back from starting a family and making a career. She told students about her own battle within a relationship in which she experienced physical violence and mental abuse and detailed how she made her escape. She rebuilt her life by taking advice, making firm decisions and by returning to full-time education.

“Living in a Women’s Refuge at the age of 17 I received good advice about how to turn my life around. I had to convince myself there was no going back; I had to think only of moving forward and living up to my true potential. Years later and here I am. I have a fabulous career, a wonderful family and living my dream.”

As Jenni’s confidence grew, she entered the entertainment industry as a DJ/Radio presenter at Invincible Radio. She developed and delivered workshops in schools, colleges and other youth agencies to discuss with young people how to ensure they maintained positive relationships around them.

Audience member Julie said:

“It was a very emotional talk by Jenni and a very important one too. I certainly feel I have a better understanding of what domestic violence is, and can include. She made very clear what a healthy relationship looks like and what it doesn’t.”

Jenni will be taking her workshop to our other campuses this month.