March 30, 2022 Jenni Steele

New Book: I am not my domestic abuse

UK & Mainland delivery only

This book is for anyone who has experienced abuse
️⭐ Anyone who is on their healing journey
⭐ ️Anyone overcoming hurtful past trauma
⭐ Anyone that has overcome abusive relationships

I am happy , resilient, and authentic.
I have had to get over barriers, beliefs and fears. Being in this book was important to me because my desire was to empower and uplift. As I let go of the past I move forward in clarity

What is for YOU will not PASS you!
Jenni Steele

A collaboration series of Women and Men who are victors from abuse

⭐ 12 inspiring authors
⭐ ️Personal stories of trauma and overcoming
⭐ ️Encouragement for anyone overcoming abuse