December 13, 2023 Hamza Hassiane

Beauty From Within for Girls


January special Offer 14.99

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“As adults we realise to late the power of journaling. We should encourage our teens to be more comfortable expressing and managing their feelings. The Self Discovery Exercise Journals  are
a great resource to support teens”
Dwain Reid 
Business Growth Coach 
At Juvenis we know that children and young people face increasing pressure and stress in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to provide them with healthy coping mechanism. The Beauty from Within and Feelings From within journals will do just that.
We purchased a bulk order!
CEO & Founder 
Winston Goode
As part of a SAFE consortium that delivers transitional support and mentoring in primary and secondary schools, we will be utilising this amazing journal as part of children and young people’s personal development.
We purchased a bulk order! 
SAFE Consortium 
The reason I purchased 10 journals for Jenni to donate to a group is ‘to enable free expression to all, no matter their circumstance. As not everyone will be prioritise this purchase as there will be other basic needs that require satisfaction first.
Aku Adjei 
Founder Active Revolution Coaching & NLP Master 
I’ve brought the journal for my son. After flicking through the girls journal I knew the boys journal would be a ‘must have’! I really feel the journal will help with his confidence and development. I believe it will also be a positive activity for us to do together (me helping him to answer some of the thought provoking questions). It will be a great tool for conversation to flow between the two of us in order for me get a good understanding of where he is at in his mind and where his thoughts are? It’s sometimes difficult to understand your 6 year old!!
M Bryan 
I have journalled since I was a young girl. It was a way for me to release my thoughts and connect to how I felt and also I loved writing. I wanted to purchase the journals for my god daughters to introduce them to this tool so they can express their thoughts comfortably. Start to learn to reflect on who they are as girls, and then  progress into young women. All girls need to learn about self esteem and self confidence and love their unique selves. It is something they can look back on and  read through in the futurre that can support them remembering who they are, what their dreams are and where they want to go. We all need reminders. I still have my journal from being a teen. I will also be using these going forward with other young women I work with because they are beneficial to many even the inner child within us grown women. Actually I think I should even purchase for myself.
Chia Phoenix
Creative Practitioner 
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January special Offer 14.99

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