April 1, 2018 Jenni Steele

Why Safe Space

In my line of work many young people will be missed, fall under the radar.

How do we educate, support, sign post, inspire and motivate them if we don’t know they exist?

It’s all about relationships! Places they can go to make connections, learn from role models, access services and become decision-makers! Enhancing Inspiration , Aspirations, building confidence creating positive change for the future.

Creating safe space environments within school and providing young people with social and emotional security builds strong foundations, confidence, self worth that can last a lifetime.

Many young people may not have a safe space environment around them to get the support that they need, they may not know it exists, they may not even realise what they are going through and how it could be effecting them now or in the future.

When working and supporting young people I recognise that every one of my clients has a different journey and a different way of expressing themselves. Many young people do not have an outlet or a place they feel safe or comfortable to talk or discuss further.

The safe space will take place once a month in a school in Lambeth from April 2018 until July 2018 with various female role models covering topics of interest chosen by the young women at the school.Hosted by myself the first of many to come.

Want to set one up in your school? Interested in sponsoring?

Get in touch with me direct.